Free Cyber Security Check Up

Tekkers IT Solutions

Starts: 08/01/2019

Expires: 08/01/2020

Concerned your business isn't Protected?

Our free Cyber Security Check-up will make sure that you are. 

Our check up will ensure you:

  • Have complete clarity of whether you are protected or not.
  • Understand the level of protection you do currently have.
  • Know the areas (if any) that require improvement to provide a great level of security.
  • See the strengths of your defences against common day attacks such as ransomware, malware, spam and phishing. 

Our technical staff will run checks against your IT Systems, both remotely and within your offices. 

Once complete, you will be provided with a simple, clear to read report to show how well protected you are against most of the common threats that are happening to small UK businesses right now.

If there are items that need addressing, we can provide recommendations to resolve the shortfalls, however there is no obligation to buy any of our products or services - we simply want to help you and your business to improve their security. 

Free Cyber Security Check Up
Tekkers IT Solutions

Contact Name: Craig Nixon

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